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MOTOROLA OEM SPN5458A MINI USB Vehicle Car CHARGER (Nextel logo)

MOTOROLA OEM SPN5458A MINI USB Vehicle Car CHARGER (Nextel logo)

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Part Number:NEX-01
*Motorola Mini-Usb Car Charger (Nextel Logo) Don't get caught in your car without a power source for your cell phone. The Motorola SPN5401A Car Charger supplies your cell phone with power allowing you to stay connected even when your battery is low. Simply plug your Motorola vehicle power adapter into your car's vehicle power socket and connect it to your phone - enjoy unlimited talk and standby time, while your phone is charging! Motorola designs and manufactures cell phone car charger to match the specific requirements of their cell phones, satisfying the most demanding customer. You can trust the high quality and performance of original Motorola cell phone car chargers. COMPATIBLE WITH: KRZR K1, KRZR K1m, Moto Q, PEBL U6, RAZR V3, RAZR V3c, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3m, RAZR MAXX Ve, SLVR L2, SLVR L6, SLVR L7, SLVR L7 Pink, V190, V195, V197, V235, V323, V325, V360, V361, V365, W315, W385, ic402, ic502, ic902,P510. Motorola_iDEN i290; Motorola VU204, W377, VE465 Frost, W233

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